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Print Finishing

One of the main commercial advantages we have at Falkland Press that allows us to be highly competitive on price and timescales is that we do not rely on anyone else to get our work finished and out the door. This affords us great flexibility and quality assurance. We have the following services fully in-house:


Cutting all work quickly and accurately with our Polar 115 XT and 115 X Plus.

Falkland Press Print Finishing Guillotining

Folding & Gluing

We have a Vega Mira 102 Folder and Gluer (pictured below), which can easily glue any packaging configuration you may require.

This includes inline straight, lock bottom or crash lock, 4 and 6 corner, double wall, reverse z fold, conical cartons (chip box style) and miniature cartons. It also glues pocket folders, multi-panel DVD cases and with 8 glue guns just about anything else you can conjure up. Max flat carton width is 1020mm.

Falkland Press Print Finishing Folding and Gluing

Folding & Scoring

Our folding and scoring machine is very diverse and is used to score and fold all work very accurately. We never finish work that uses higher than 150g paper without scoring it first to minimise cracking. It is also equipped with pharmaceutical and 2up kits for very small folds.


Our 4-head, liquid cooled drill is able to drill high volume jobs neatly, with no charred paper.

Die Cutting

Our three die cutting machines will die-cut, perforate and score any shape you require. Even kiss cutting is performed very accurately, with no cut through on the backing sheet.

Foil Blocking

Our two foiling machines can foil up to a B2 sheet size on up to 1000mic thick card with outstanding detail and a crisp result.

Falkland Press Print Finishing Foil Blocking


We have 24 high capacity bins for collating.

Saddle Stitching

The Heidelberg ST450 is the most highly specced saddle stitcher Heidelberg make with a running speed of 14,000 books per hour. This machine includes the small format kit allowing us to go down to booklets as small as 64x64mm with 2 stitches. It can also produce stepped pages, roll out pages, loop stitches, inline punching or drilling and 2up work. Max book thickness is 12mm and max book size is A3 portrait.

This is a great new addition to our existing Horizon Stitch-Liner.


We have the worlds leading, British built laminator from Autobond. This is a high speed, high pressure, double-sided machine. With six metric tonnes of pressure per linear inch, we only produce very smooth laminating results, even over solid black printing at high speeds. It also has a magnet applicator attachment for producing magnets.

Falkland Press Print Finishing Laminating

We also have…

Numbering, shrink wrapping, wiro binding and a pile turner.