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Litho Printing

Falkland Press only use the newest Heidelberg Presses with the highest print quality and speed. Our repro department has been fully calibrated in-house to allow for different dot gain properties of coated and uncoated stocks.

2014 Heidelberg XL75 5LX Printing Press

Litho Printing at Falkland Press with the Heidelberg XL75 5LX

Summary Spec:

  • B2+ print size
    (max sheet size of 750 x 530mm)
  • 18,000 sheets per hour
  • Inpress Control
    Real time auto colour correction
  • Quick drying
  • 5-colours
    Plus an inline water based coater

Heidelberg Inpress Control at Falkland Press

Heidelberg XL75 5LX Detailed Spec:

It is B2+ in print size, with a maximum sheet size of 750 x 530mm. It can print in 4-colours, plus a special (Pantone®), plus a water based coating all in one pass at 18,000 sheets per hour (sph) on all substrates.

It has the inline spectrophotometer (Inpress Control), which reads the colour on every sheet as it runs and dynamically adjusts the colour levels. This is carried out automatically from the first sheet to the last regardless of the operator, so is a vast improvement to the manual process still required by older presses. This ensures that everything it prints is to an exacting standard and guarantees no variation in colour throughout the job.

This system is the only one of its kind available, as it actually reads the Lab colour of the ink on the sheet, not the density. It takes in to account the whiteness of the paper and the dirtiness of the ink, to achieve linear colour across coated and uncoated stocks. It also therefore works perfectly when controlling Pantone® colours on the press. Colour variations with re-prints are a thing of the past when Inpress Control is in place!

The XL75 5LX also has an inline waterbased coater, which coats the sheets with an environmentally friendly, biodegradable coating. This gives all jobs a completely rub resistant finish and a very high quality smooth surface on the paper. It also means all work comes out of the press fully dry and is ready to be processed for finishing within 10 minutes.

Heidelberg SX52 4 Colour Pantone® Press

Litho Printing at Falkland Press with the Heidelberg SX52

Heidelberg SX52 Detailed Spec:

It is B3+ in print size, with a maximum sheet size of 520 x 360 mm. This machine can print in 4-colours, but is used primarily for printing Pantone® colour work. This includes print where the customer has a very specific colour requirement or small short-run jobs that are later to be foil-blocked or embossed for luxury stationery. This machine is not a GTO and therefore has the same inking power as any B2 Heidelberg and prints at 15,000 sheets per hour (sph).

Summary Spec:

  • B3+ print size
    (max sheet size of 520 x 360mm)
  • 15,000 sheets per hour
  • Easy Control
    Real time colour correction
  • 4-colours