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Substrate Printing

What is metallised substrate printing?

We are leaders at digitally printing on aluminised papers or aluminium-coated cardboards having developed our own metallised substrate (silver board) product in house suitable for use on our HP Indigo digital presses.

Silver board is made from board and silver film, and when combined forms a shiny silver stock. Our silver board has been perfected for a premium result, using high quality film and can be applied to a variety of boards that vary in weight and smoothness depending on the result required. When incorporating our silver board into any design, we believe the results are truly exceptional. Our customers who have tried it are stunned with the results!

What value does metallised substrate printing provide?

Our metallised substrate offers a unique finish, adding value to your product by making it visually striking in order to stand out from your competition. If you need a way to get your customers to notice your product then this is a great option.

Metallic colours can be produced by printing transparent CMYK inks on the metallised material. For example, an outstanding gold colour is achieved by the silver printing stock shining through a mix of transparent yellow and a lesser tint of magenta. You can achieve a stunning mix of colours within your designs, coupled with the use of opaque white, which is applied where the stock’s metallic finish should not show on the motif.

But how can I get my design set up for the use of White Ink?

We are here to help when it comes to setting up your design/artwork. You can utilise the skills of our design team to produce your artwork. Alternatively, if your have your artwork in hand then you can use our pdf White Ink Guide explaining the setting up process, together with a sample artwork file, both of which can be downloaded to the right.

Typical uses:

  • Carton Packaging
  • Business Cards
  • Invitations and Tickets
  • Covers

Using White Ink in your Design

Download our PDF guide to setting up artwork with White Ink.

Download our Sample Artwork PDF to assist you when setting up your own.