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Our Machinery


Design and Artwork studio


4 x Apple Mac Pros with various PCs

Screen PlateRite 8900NZ CTP

Screen PlateRite 8900NZ CTP

The world’s fastest plate setter. Output speed of 70 B1 plates per hour.

Fuji Film FLH-Z

Fuji Film FLH-Z

Lo-chem thermal plate system

Epson Stylus Pro for proofing

Epson Stylus Pro

High speed calibrated proofer and large format printer


Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106

Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106

6 colour plus coater B1 machine with inpress control. 2016 Specification, 18,000 sheet per hour machine with support for UV and conventional inks.

HP Indigo 10000 for digital printing

HP Indigo 10000

Digital offset press with B2 sheet size, 7 colours, white ink kit, maximum specified paper thickness is 445mic.

HP Indigo 7900 for digital printing

HP Indigo 7900

Digital offset press with 7 colours, white ink kit, heavy substrate up to 500mic, one shot for printing plastic and products in perfect register.

Heidelberg SX52-4 for litho printing

Heidelberg SX52-4

With inline colour measuring and auto-correction.


Kolbus 610A

Kolbus 610A

State of the art perfect binder that runs at 8,000 books per hour.

Horizon Book Binder BQ470 for perfect binding (PUR)

Horizon Book Binder BQ470

With PUR glue tank and inline trimmer, for quick turn around, ultra strong books.

Heidelberg ST450 for saddle stitching

Heidelberg ST450

Saddle stitcher running with a speed of 14,000 books per hour.

Horizon SPF200L

Horizon SPF200L

Stitching line that runs at 4,000 books per hour. Ideal for A4 and A5 landscape brochures.

Horizon Stitch-Liner

Horizon Stitch-Liner

24 stations with four stitching heads and 5 knife trimming with HSM KP80 Baling Press, to optimise the recycling of waste paper.

Vega Mira 102 for folding and gluing

Vega Mira 102

This high end folder gluer is fully specced to include the following carton configurations. Inline straight, lock bottom or crash lock, 4 and 6 corner, double wall, reverse z fold, conical cartons (chip box style) and miniature cartons.

Heidelberg KH66 Combination Folder

Heidelberg KH66 Combination Folder

4 buckles and 2 knives, primarily used for brochure section folding

Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH-56 for folding

Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH-56

Closed Gate Fold option, has 6/4 buckles and automated setup.

Heidelberg Stahlfolder for folding

Heidelberg Stahlfolder TI 52

8 buckle with Tremat feeder.

Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 50 for creasing

Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 50

Short run creasing.

4 x Multigraf CF375

4 x Multigraf CF375

Innovative creaser & folding machine. Automatic crease bar calibration & pressure adjustment.

Autobond Mini 76 TPHMS for lamination

Autobond Mini 76 TPHMS

Fully automatic thermal laminator
with stacker and magnet attachment.

Heidelberg Varimatrix 105 CS

Heidelberg Varimatrix 105 CS

Precision Flatbed Die Cutter with stripping.

To Polar 115XT/X Plus & 92 guillotines for trimming

Two Polar 115XT/X Plus & 92

x3 Programmatic guillotines.

B&H Heidelberg Cylinder SB for die cutting and embossing

B&H Heidelberg Cylinder SB

For die cutting and embossing.

B&H Heidelberg Platen SRA3 for hot foiling

B&H Heidelberg Platen SRA3

With hot foiling and kiss cutting.

Duplo 645 for fully automated cutting

Duplo 645

Fully automated cutting machine, ideal for business cards and leaflets.

Durselen Drill PB.04

Durselen Drill PB.04

4 head, liquid cooled.

Auto Jogger & Stack Lift

Auto Jogger & Stack Lift

The Polar RA-2 Automatic Jogger and Polar LW 450-2 Stack Lift are part of the cutting workflow.

Renz Wiro Binding Machine for spiral wire binding

Renz Wiro Binding Machine

For spiral wire binding of documents.